OSG provides straight fluted taps, spiral pointed taps, spiral fluted taps, forming taps, and thread mills. As a world's top tap manufacturer, we provide high quality and efficient taps. Based on our technology and know-how, we always work together with the customers to solve their tapping problems.

* Products information at this page is mostly for Japan.
Please contact the OSG group company nearest you for product inquiries.

OSG Worldwide

Thread Milling Cutter Series Vol.13 (C-85)NEW

Catalogue DL (4.2MB)

Movie DL (PNTC Single Point / 17.2MB)

Movie DL (PNTC SL / 8.6MB)

A-TAP series Vol.6 (N-102)

Catalogue DL (6.8MB)

Spiral Taps for Threading Large Diameter Holes (N-99)

Catalogue DL (0.7MB)

X Performer Forming Taps Series Vol.9 (N-89)

Catalogue DL (2.9MB)

Movie DL (6.3MB)


Catalogue DL (2.6MB)

Drill & Tap Series for High Hardness Steels and Dies Vol.2 (C-89)

Catalogue DL (1.4MB)

Spiral Tap for Stainless Steel (CC-SUS-SFT) vol.2 (N-90)

Catalogue DL (4.5MB)

Movie DL (11.0MB)

NC Planet Cutter® for Steel (WX/WXO-ST-PNC) (N-88)

Catalogue DL (0.6MB)

Movie DL (n-88_wx-st-pnc_0810.mpg / 5.0MB)

Movie DL (n-88_wxo-st-pnc_0810.mpg / 9.6MB)

UM Nu-Roll Tap for Ultra-Small Diameter Threads (UM-NRT)

Ultra-small diameter nu-roll tap, starting with S0.5!

Catalogue DL (0.6MB)

HY-PRO Planet Cutter® (HY-PRO P) Vol.4

Catalogue DL (1.2MB)

VP Nu-Roll Tap Series Vol.7

Catalogue DL (0.9MB)

WX-PNC NC Planet Cutter® Vol.4

Catalogue DL (0.7MB)

Movie DL (9.3MB)

For Hardened Steels Tap Series Vol.2

Catalogue DL (0.5MB)

Electroplated Diamond Tools for Ceramics Vol.2

Catalogue DL (0.4MB)

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