OSG gauges are high precision and quality instruments based on the thread grinding technology resulted by long years study. We support you with both threading operation and inspection.

* Products information at this page is mostly for Japan.
Please contact the OSG group company nearest you for product inquiries.

OSG Worldwide

Thread Limit Gauges

Thread limit gauges consist of GO and NOT GO gauges.  GO gauges should be screwed in and passed through by hand without difficulty.  NOT GO gauges shouldn’t be screwed in by more than 2 revolutions. There are two types of NOT GO gauges for the JIS method, manufacturing and inspection, but only one type for the ISO method.

Standard Thread Gauges

Standard thread gauges have correct thread standard angle and consist of plug and ring gauges.  Theses gauges should never be forced, nor should they fit too loosely.

Pipe Thread Gauges

Parallel pipe thread gauges are used as same as thread limit gauges.  Taper pipe thread gauges with special notches are also available.

Plain Limit Gauges

These gauges are used to guarantee hole and shaft interchangeability.  The GO and NOT GO ends of the gauge form one set and are used to standardize maximum and minimum tolerable measurements for holes and shafts.

Standard Gauges

These gauges are used for measurement standardization of other gauges as well as controlling measurements of established comparative indicators.  It should not be used directly on finished products or parts.

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