OSG enables you higher accurate and efficient drilling operations. We provide a wide variety of drills, such as the ultra-small UVM series, the extra long WDO, CAO, and TDXL series, the NEXUS series for stainless steel, etc,

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Carbide Flat Drill (N-114)NEW


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Catalogue DL (5.5MB)

Coolant-Through WDO Carbide Drill Series for Stainless Steel Vol.2(N-105)


Movies are available from here !

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Catalogue DL (1.4MB)

WD/WDO Carbide Drill Series (N-112)

Catalogue DL (5.8MB)

Coolant-Through, Three-Flute, Carbide Mega Muscle Drills Vol.3 (N-94)

Catalogue DL (2.0MB)

Movie DL (18.4MB)

OSG PHOENIX Drill Series (O-5)

Catalogue DL (2.9MB)

HSS Extra-Long Drills Vol.8
(TDXL(PAT/PAT.P)) (N-82)

Catalogue DL (1.7MB)

Movie DL (16.8MB)


Catalogue DL (2.6MB)

Drill & Tap Series for High Hardness Steels and Dies Vol.2 (C-89)

Catalogue DL (1.4MB)


Catalogue DL (2.4MB)

Ultra Small Diameter Carbide Drill Series UVM-DRL / UVM-LDS / UVM-CERA vol.3 (N-86)

Catalogue DL (1.2MB)

Movie DL (12.3MB)

Micro-Revolution Small Carbide Drills for Stainless Steels
(MRS-GDL) vol.2 (N-78)

Catalogue DL (0.5MB)

HSS Nexus Drills (NEXUS-GDS/NEXUS-GDR) Vol.3 (N-84)

Catalogue DL (1.3MB)

Movie DL (8.0MB)

FX Carbide Drills with Oil Hole Series Vol.8

Catalogue DL (2.5MB)

Movie DL (fto_gdxl_1 / 4.1MB)

Movie DL (fto_gdxl_2 / 6.3MB)

Carbide Extra Long Drills with Oil Holes
for Copper Alloys and Aluminum Alloys

Catalogue DL (0.9MB)

Movie DL (2.7MB)

Carbide Drills for Non-Ferrous Metal (NF-GDN)

Catalogue DL (0.4MB)

Diamond Drill Series Vol.3 (PCD-GDN/D-GDN)

Catalogue DL (0.5MB)

Electroplated Diamond Tools for Ceramics Vol.2

Catalogue DL (0.4MB)

Carbide Straight Reamers Vol.2 (CRM)

Catalogue DL (0.3MB)

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